When No One Shows Up To 4-Year-Old's Birthday Strangers Create Unforgettable Celebration

Published June 27, 2019 400,440 Views $3.09 earned

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesWe think we all can agree, no matter how old you are that the world and the people in it are not as kind or compassionate as we once remembered. No one helps the old woman across the crosswalk any more. And if your car dies and you need a jump well most people will just keep on driving. Let's face it most people don't feel inclined to go out of there way for anyone unless it will benefit them in some way. But then there are times when we get reminded that there is still goodness and humanity in the world. You dont have to do a lot. But simply just do as you would hope someone would do for you. It's really that simple.. This clip may bring tears to your eyes as even I was having a hard time not getting emotional watching this heartwarming video .

In this cell phone recorded video a mother brings her daughter to the park to celebrate her 4th birthday. But sadly when it was time to sing happy birthday not a single person had shown up for her party. The little girl seemed unphased by this and seemed just happy to be at the park. The mother probably feeling terrible for her little girl. Someone had walked by and heard what happened word quickly spread amongst all the people at this public park. In no time at all. People in all directions started to gather and form a crowd around this little girl. She had more people there for her than any 4 year old we've known! You can hear in the video the appreciation and gratitude the mother has for these peoples kind gesture.

Everyone sang her happy birthday and afterwards people visited with the little girl to give her a hug and personally wish her a happy birthday. Where is the kleenex? Seriously. When you see something like this, strangers coming together and loving one another…you can't help but be affected by it. This video inspires kindness and is a reminder that there is still hope for humanity. Simple things like this can impact a child's life and hopefully set an example to others that for humanity we need to be there for each other. Amazing how doing something as simple as simple can be so powerful. We hope to see more and more random acts of kindness in the future!