Man Shows Off Insane Skills While Juggling Ball In Times Square

Published June 25, 2019 169,834 Views $6.13 earned

Rumble / Unusual TalentsJapanese freestyle soccer juggler amazes the viewers with mind-blowing juggling skills in the Times Square New York city having a joyful, positive attitude to inspire and attract the world.
People always appreciated the talent and the skills of street performers wither it is on the side of the road or somewhere in the show. The skill shown by street performers has always been surprised and given pleasure to their spectators. Recently, another proof of efforts and a hundred hours of practice was witnessed by a crowd gathered in shocking silence in Times Square, New York, to watch a Japanese youth performing some freestyle soccer tricks.

The young man was with no microphone, no loudspeaker, and no specific tools. New York, a place having talented people and a tough environment for those who are not fluent in English. Yet someone has hardly managed to amaze Times Square using just one soccer ball and fulfilling their dreams of being appreciated by people. It is possible because the young Japanese man has made it possible. He ignored 98 percent of people who told him “it is impossible”.

He shared his view on his Twitter profile, said: “Inspire the world”. @ryutricks (Instagram account of the young boy) seems to live by through his actions. While studying at Waseda University, the active and energetic youth represented his university in the “Red Bull Can You Make It?” challenge and traveled across Europe using only cans of Red Bull energy drink as currency.
Although he and his team finished in 144th place out of more than 190 teams, the charm of going to unknown places with limited resources at that event sparked something deep in him.
The energetic young man then set his next plan into motion: to travel America without any kind of accommodation planned. Currently now in Times Square with nothing but some necessary items like his clothes, a soccer ball, and freestyle juggling skills, the adventurous boy is now living out his dreams while doing what he loves.

Japanese citizens were highly motivated by his positive attitude and unconditional dedication to achieving his goals:
People appreciated him on different social media platforms and shared their views about him.
One of his followers said, the path you’re walking on just belongs to you that’s awesome.
Another person appreciated him and said, You are A man among men.
One of the followers was highly impressed that he asked “I am 42 years old. Can I still make it at this age?