Man Lives In Iron Age Village Using 2000-Year-Old Technology

Published June 21, 2019 1,016 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleThis is a fantastic story of a young man and his definition of how to spend your relaxing holidays. A lot of people like to relax on a beach, somewhere in the mountains just relaxing and enjoying their holidays. However, Toni Genov wanted to do something different and something unique.

When he visited The Land of Legends, an open-air museum in Lerje, Denmark he knew that he wanted to spend 24-hours living in Iron Age conditions, using 2000-year-old technology to grind flour from wholemeal. Turning up on May 31, Toni Genov, 23-year-old adventurer changed into simple robes and did day-to-day chores like carrying buckets of water and using weapons to cook over an open fire.

After that, at the end of the day, Toni had to make his way back to his hut, which has been built around 0AD. All of the technology were removed from Toni's life while he was living in these Iron Age conditions, aside from a machine that was old 1700-years old and it was used for grinding whole grains into the flour so he can make bread.

Toni said: "My biggest struggle was how disconnected I felt. "I am so used to being instantly in touch with my friends and the whole world. Losing that was the most challenging part. "The best part was the feeling of community. "We all worked and spent time together.

"At the end of the day, we gathered around the fire and sang songs and told stories. "It was amazing to feel this kind of human connection after just a day. I wish we could do more of that in our everyday life."

What a fantastic story and amazing young man! Not everyone would have the bravery and guts to go through this, but everybody should experience something like this to show us how addicted we are to modern technology and how we need to take a step back in order not to become the real-life robots we are.

People are so obsessed with likes and followers, that they forget the essential things in life. They forget to make proper conversation with people in person, they life fake lives just to look good on social media. They forget to have fun and just enjoy life without checking the phone all the time. Congratulation to Toni Genov, who taught us a lesson of the simple life. Would you dare to live in these kinds of conditions for 24 hours?


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    I see why Europeans decided to go industrial, and never looked back. Ok, so these guys looked back.

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