Kitten Fascinated By Owner's Music

Published June 25, 2019 7,764 Views $13.95 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensMusic is found in every known culture since the beginning of time, and it has always served as a way to connect people, to themselves and sometimes to their past and their memories. Music makes you feel good, it makes you feel relaxed, calm, it brings you positive energy, and it makes you feel good.

People love music, and it makes them feel good; it makes them feel happy. It is known that music connects people, and it makes them better people. However, humans are not the only ones who love to listen to music. Animals love listening to music too. It turns out that cats love to listen to music, especially when their owners are playing it. Want proof? Take a look at this incredible video and this musical cat and her excellent taste of classical music.

Check out how interesting this kitty is in its owner's violin performance. Adorable! She was so fascinated by her owner's music that she had to get closer to listen to those beautiful sounds played by her owner. To be honest, that's the kind of support we need by our pets for everything, it will boost our self-esteem, and it will bring us joy whatever we are doing. So, we salute your kitty for being such great support to your girl!

Cats have great taste in music , and we are absolutely impressed by this video, and the talent that this man has. They are smart, emotional, and can form a great friendship with their humans. They are kind of underrated as emotional pets for some people, and a lot of people think that they don't know how to show emotion or be a support when you need one, but we hope by seeing this video they will change their mind about them.

Listening to music can stimulate happiness and contentment and even relaxing background for them. Also though they don't enjoy every type of music, they like relaxing and calm sounds.

So if your cat might not seem that into Migos or find Bach so relaxing, that doesn't mean they don't like music altogether. It just means that the music cats love different from what humans want! So, find what kind of music your cat likes, and after that, you can enjoy listening to music together, you will have so much fun together and even if that means listening to music your cat likes and not you!

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