Excited Puppy Absolutely Loves Listening To Music

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThe German Shepherd is known for its courage. Originally, its job was to defend sheep against wolves and those genes are largely alive and well. They make excellent guard dogs; additionally, they are a favorite with the Police. It may come as a surprise, but German Shepherds also excel at jobs at the other extreme — for example, as guide dogs for the visually impaired. The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent breed. Happily, they are very willing to apply this intelligence when being trained. And as a result, you should expect that they will require regular mental stimulation. The German Shepherd is a dignified dog that is loyal, aloof, and somewhat antisocial.

From the moment they begin development they’re craving stimulation. Another huge aspect of the German Shepherd personality is their steadfast love and loyalty. Some owners say there is no bond like that of a German Shepherd shares with their family. The hard and stoic exterior is replaced with a cuddly, downright loving fluff ball within the home. They’ll treat the children as their own and willingly participate as the protector of the home.

The German Shepherd has over the past few decades become perhaps the most famous breed of dogs in the world due to its universal application in many spheres of human life, as well as numerous films and film series in which this breed participates. The German Shepherd is a work breed and primarily a service dog, who must have a balanced mind, a restrained character and a quick reaction to outside stimuli. Representatives of the breed adequately react to strangers and typically do not start fights with other dogs.

They are able to quickly assess the situation, listen carefully to their master and only the n react. German Shepherds show friendliness and attention to all members of the family, they are renowned for their patience with smaller children.

This guy in particular has a "music bone" in 'em if you will. As his owner plays music through the speaker, he can't help but react extremely hilarious. Taking into consideration that he hasn't been taught how to dance, we think his moves are actually pretty groovy. Through the video you will notice his sudden moves and hi attempt to follow the beat. As to how well he does it, well, we'll leave it up to you to decide!

Ether way you look at it this playful pup has a dancing story to tell!