Cat Knows How To Steal Hidden Food

Published June 24, 2019 16,904 Views $2.99 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensWhatever you do, do not get between a cat and his food! Have you noticed how hungry they are all the time? All they do is ask for food, of course when they are not napping. There is no doubt that cats love food. They will give everything to get their paws on some food, and when they have it, they are not ready to share it with anyone.

Cats are always determined to get their paws on something they like, and when they get it, man oh man, what a delight is that for them. They are very stubborn when it comes down to getting what they want, and what they want is to eat their food all alone without no one bothering them and not stealing their food.

However, what happens when you think your cat had enough and you try to hide the food from them? Well, they are intelligent animals so don’t try to fool them they will know where to find the food, and they will get it themselves. Just like this kitten. She knows where the owner hides the food, so the cat decided to get it.

Check out this smart kitty successfully open a kitchen drawer in order to fetch more food. Priceless! This smartie pants knew where the food is, and she used every muscle in her body to take it! So hilarious!

We usually adore our kitties, and it can be difficult to oppose those enormous eyes and charming appearances, mainly when they act like they’re starving! However, they may have no clue when they had enough, but we do — and, unlike cats, we know how or we don’t know how to hide the food! This is so funny!

As we mentioned before, they will do anything just to get their fluffy little paws on some food, even if that means stealing your food. This hungry cat hijacks owner’s cereal bowl to get some milk, and it’s all you need to see to realize that all they want is food!

A Canadian woman posted a video on August 4 of her cat, a tabby named Arlo, forcing her to share her bowl of cereal with him. The video shows a person seated on a couch, eating cereal from a bowl. Arlo comes over and checks out what’s inside the bowl before pulling it close to him so he can lap up some of the milk inside. So funny!