Hungry Cat Hijacks Owner's Cereal Bowl to Get Some Milk

StoryfulNewsPublished: August 4, 2017796 views
Published: August 4, 2017

A Canadian woman posted a video on August 4 of her cat, a tabby named Arlo, forcing her to share her bowl of cereal with him. The video shows a person seated on a couch, eating cereal from a bowl. Arlo comes over, and checks out what’s inside the bowl before pulling it close to him so he can lap up some of the milk inside. His human friend doesn’t seem to be all that bothered at having to share their meal and even spoons up some cereal for themselves while Arlo does his thing. The video was shared by Arlo’s owner, Eden Bloor. Storyful has written about Arlo in the past, highlighting the kitty’s admirable fashion choices. Credit: Instagram/arlo_the_sweater_cat via Storyful

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