Sleeping Hamster Gently Gets Tucked Into Bed

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHaving a pet in your life can be the best decision in your life. If you ever shared your home with a pet, you know that a pet can bring love and happiness into your home and companionship into your life. They can improve your energy, your health, and of course your heart will be full of love.

Some people have dogs, and some have cats, horses, lizards, mini pigs, and some of them want something small and cute like hamsters. If you never thought to have hamster for a pet, this video will change your mind. This is Bubenchik - the King of peaceful sleeping. He is one of the most adorable hamsters we have ever seen, and he is one fantastic pet. How precious is that?!

These little guys are a picture of cuteness: they are small, fluffy, and full of energy. So, if you are thinking about having a hamster for a pet, we will help you with that by sharing some facts about them that we believe you will find them helpful.

Hamsters are night-loving animals, which means they will be most active and playful at night. If you're a light sleeper who is troubled by the smallest of sounds, a squeaking wheel at 2 a.m. might not be a good fit. But if you're a night owl, a hamster could be the ideal friend when you're burning the midnight oil! Although hamsters belong to the same kingdom as mice and inevitably rats, they are undoubtedly cuter than their cousins.

This means they are not perfect animals for kids, because when is sleep time for your kids, it's 'good morning' for hamsters, and they also hate loud sounds and rough games, which kids love to do, so if you have kids and want a hamster, then it is a no situation. Do you live in Hawaii? Bad news, hamsters are illegal in Hawaii.

But, they are so cute when they sleep. This tiny hamster cuddles tiny teddy bear for nap time and it’s so adorable!

This video shows us the probably most adorable hamster you've ever seen. Shibuya is so tiny he fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. He is so precious, this tiny rodent even got a teddy bear his own size. Now, he always falls asleep with his toy in his arms while getting the mandatory massage from his owner. Isn't that the cutest cuteness overload you've ever seen?