Husky Jumps On Trampoline To See Over Fence

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIt is so funny to see how animals react to different situations. animals are often the stars of many adorable videos on the Internet and social media. They are always a sure source of entertainment. You can spend hours and hours looking at cute pets videos. The most popular household pets are dogs, which are very loyal partners.

Canines are the most beloved household pets due to their loyalty, their energy, and cuteness. There are so many different breeds of canines that can fit your exact personality and needs. There are friendly dogs that are good with children, energetic dogs good for being out and about, protective dogs used for hunting, and many more.

A funny video has emerged of a clever husky bouncing on the backyard trampoline just to get a better look over the wooden fence. What a smart husky!

Watch as this determined canine puts some serious effort just to see what is behind the fence. Maybe the interested husky got bored from watching in the wooden fence and decided to look outside the wall and see what is on the other side of the box. Thankfully, the man who was walking by caught this bouncing canine on camera.

Many canines consider themselves to be escape artists when it comes to fence jumping and that can be a difficult behavior problem to extinguish! Fence jumping is called a "self-rewarding" behavior to your canine. So each time your canine jumps the fence the behavior is being reinforced and strengthened which means that it is highly likely to occur again.

The reason for your canine's jumping behavior may be blatantly reasonable to you or it may be due to numerous reasons such as separation, boredom, sex drive, anxiety, fear, lack of exercise, to get to other dogs, seeking attention, something or someone exciting on the other side of the fence, and maybe even because your dog has not bonded with you and your family.

A commercial has been brightening up people around the world featuring a canine jumping around on a trampoline. It shows a Boxer canine jumping on a trampoline before his master gets the chance to try it out. The advertisement highlights the tagline ‘gifts that everyone will like.

The two-minute video starts off by telling the story of a little girl who enjoys bouncing. After the girl goes to bed, the video shows her father setting up a trampoline to surprise her on Christmas morning. However, the Boxer watches wildlife using the trampoline. When the girl wakes up and runs into the backyard so she can try it out, Boxer cuts her off and begins jumping on it.

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