Adorable Footage Shows Fox Cubs Bouncing On A Trampoline

Published May 10, 2019 23,658 Views

The footage of this article was shared by Cater news and we cannot thank them enough form giving us such an adorable clip about those wild creatures. Those two foxes will warm up your heart.

The video is showing two cute fox having a recognition mission in this person’s backyard. One particular object seems to have caught their attention. Those two wild foxes were caught on camera playing on a trampoline. Dora Nightingale, a woman that is 55 years old, saw them for the first time through the lens of the camera. She lives in Worthing, West Sussex, an area where it is not unusual to find wild foxes roaming around. Being a big fan of foxes, she decided it would be a good idea to arrange play areas outside in her garden for them to come play and be safe from other wild animals.

The second part of the video isn’t at night with the night vision mode. It is during the day we can see the sunlight, and, more importantly we can see our two little fur babies playing in the grass. Dora has brought a little kid swimming pool that she filled with plastic balls for our foxes to play. She made a good decision of bringing those young foxes to her yard. She is able to film them while they are just chasing each other around. They are still young and wanna spend a lot of their time playing aimlessly in the backyard. She also gave them a bigger ball to pass around between each other. The foxes do not seem particularly impressed by the toy this time around, instead, they seem to be enjoying their playtime in a safe environment.

She didn’t take them away from their natural habitat which is a good thing. We do not know how the foxes could react, their mom might even be looking for them. They do not wear a collar like some wild animals sometimes do. The fact that those babies have been used to play in this woman’s backyard means that they will probably visit the place as adults, as they won’t remember any danger from this area. It is important for the wildlife to be able to coexist with the human living in the area. House pets could be also seen like a threat to those foxes ( for example, a big dog protecting a yard from any type of intruders.)