Soldier Surprises Wife After Giving Birth To Their Child

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsHomecomings are always a special time for families in which one of the family members has enlisted. These kinds of moments are a guaranteed tear-jerker for some, and we do not blame you!

When it comes to emotional encounters, we can all agree that nothing beats the moment when a wife is reunited with her husband after a long time. Especially if the husband is a brave returning soldier who comes back home to visit his family. And that’ exactly what this video is about! Prepare for a heartbreaking experience!
This soldier came home after serving in the military and decided to surprise his wife after she gave birth to their child.

As the video begins, you can see her sitting on the hospital bed completely unaware of the fact that her husband is about to enter the room. Naturally, when he decided to come back, he decided to keep matters a secret so that he could visit his wife and give them the surprise of a lifetime.

When the soldier appears in front of her wife, she starts crying immediately. OMG, how heart-melting! You will require a box of tissues after watching this pleasant reunion!

There was a lot of emotions in every surprise. It was really a little hard for us to film, as we had to stay concentrated and try to not get emotional personally! The love and strength that they have for one another is something we would film every day if we had the opportunity.

It is always hard to send your son or your husband off to defend their country knowing there is nothing you can do for them except think of them every waking hour of the day and hoping that everything is all right. You have to live with the fact that you would not see their face or hear their voice for days at a time and you just have to count the days until they come back home to you. The constant worry is stressful enough, but this mom was served a whole lot more on her plate. Thankfully, her husband stepped in to brighten up her dark period.

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