Little Girl Puts On Hulk Costume To Fight Bully

Published June 1, 2019 15,977 Views $12.83 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsDo you think superheroes and children make a good combination? Then you should watch this video immediately! Many people, regardless of their age, are attracted to the world of superheroes, they even try to take the action to the real world, but it seems that this little girl has taken very seriously the task of defending herself from those who dare to bother her, It also seems that this girl wants to become a superhero to defend other children. The superheroes have marked the lives of people for many years, and this not only happens with the adult public, but also children can be inspired by superheroes and get a lot of personal motivation. We all have a superhero inside!

A boy in this little girl's class has been bullying her for a long time, so she knows it's time to defend herself and take revenge on everything the bad boy has done to her, that's why she's now training her fighting movements, she must be prepared for when the time comes. It seems that this little girl is a lover of superheroes, especially the Hulk, as she wears a Hulk costume to motivate herself to train more, it is as if this little girl had acquired the strength and abilities of the Hulk after obtaining the costume. Hulk should be proud of this little girl!

It is proven that most children love costumes, especially when there are costumes of their favorite characters, which are the costumes of superheroes that usually attract children, for that reason it is very common to find children disguised as Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk, Batman and many others. Something interesting is that little girls usually prefer to disguise themselves as female characters, while the little girl who appears in the video seems to prefer stronger and more ferocious characters like Hulk, because she knows she needs to have a lot of strength to defend herself against children that bother her in class.

According to official figures, the popularity of Hulk has increased a lot thanks to the Marvel films related to The Avengers, as it proves to be a very strong and fierce character, and also hides an excellent and very intelligent scientist named Bruce Banner. Something interesting is that Mark Ruffalo, who is currently in charge of playing Bruce Banner (Hulk) in the Avengers movies, has said several times on his social networks that children are very excited when they see him, because they know he is the authentic Hulk. Hulk will protect all children!

It is important to bear in mind that the education of children is very important, since they represent the future of our country and the whole world, so it is advisable to educate our children correctly at home, we must teach them to act correctly, since children need to have good friendships throughout their lives. Bullying is something that should be eradicated, for that reason we should make children know that bullying other children is a mistake, since no one deserves to be harassed, but we must also educate children to defend themselves from those who may arrive to bullying them. This girl will protect all who need it!