Giant Huntsman Spider Walks Across Woman's Face

Published May 31, 2019 23,168 Views $5.06 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsSpiders most often elicit fear! Simply the sight of it makes one jump or scream in fear. How much more if one big hairy long legged spider walk across one’s face? This lady is truly courageous. Watchers of this video may chorus: Get that off your face, it is dangerous! But are huntsman spiders dangerous? There are several questions evoked by this interesting spider.

This large female spider belong to the Holconia specie of huntsman spiders. Is it a tarantula? No, it is not. While there are similarities between hunstsman spiders and tarantulas, these two are different in may ways. One distinctive difference is on the structure of their legs. Hunstman spiders’ legs span outwards from its body while a tarantula’s leg may be folded neatly under its body.
Another interesting question is why this spider is call huntsman. The reason behind reveals another interesting fact about this spider – unlike many other spider species we know, this spider does not spin web to catch its meal. Hunstman spiders will hunt for their food instead of trapping them on webs. They utilize their speed and their agility to have their next meal.

Will it not bite this woman’s face? There is a big possibility that it will not bite. Hunstman spiders are said to be harmless and they do not often bite humans. Of course, it will bite as its instinctive defense when someone will hold it in a way that it senses danger to itself. In this video, the huntsman spider is comfortably crawling on the woman’s face, without any indication that it is threatened.

If bitten by a huntsman spider, should you be worried? Fortunately, the bite of this kind of spider is not lethal but you will worry about the pain, swelling and other side effects depending on the specie of huntsman that bit you. Some reports support that some huntman spider’s bite may cause vomiting and headache.

It must also be interesting to know what do huntman spiders eat. Insects such as moth, beetles, cockroaches, grasshoppers and also pests. Pests? So these scary creatures are not dangerous and are in fact useful and helpful! They can be used for pest control in a natural way instead of using pesticides that could pose danger to human health. Knowing all these facts about huntsman spiders, it makes one less scared of this freaky and creepy creature. Would you consider letting one crawl over your face when you see one?