Six-Eyed Sand Spider Buries Itself For Cover

Published April 9, 2019 10,032 Plays $5.88 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThis fascinating video of a sand spider burying itself in the sand—and achieving near total camouflage in the process—is one of the most fascinating things we’ve seen in a long time, and you should definitely check it out now without further delay. This may be the single greatest example of hide and seek you’ll ever see. It will definitely be the best one you see today! We’re told that the man who “owns” this sand spider (although can anyone ever truly be said to “own” an animal?) has had her for two years, but has seen her for, perhaps, a combined two minutes in that entire time, because that’s how good she is at hiding herself—something, we’re told, she spends about ninety nine percent of her time doing. And when she’s not hiding, she’s zipping around her enclosure with lightning speed, looking for another hiding place.

The perfection of a sand spider’s ability to hide itself so completely is one of the most remarkable, and ingenious, examples of nature at work that we’ve heard of—offering the lowly sand spider both protection from predators and the ability to sneak up on her own prey almost completely undetected. Of course, she’s helped out quite a bit not just by her superior hiding skills, but also by the way her natural coloring blends so flawlessly with the color of the sand she’s hiding in. Don’t be fooled by this tiny, six eyed spider’s diminutive size, however! Although sand spiders are very shy (as is clearly demonstrated in this video), we’re told that they’re not only venomous, but among the most venomous of all spiders.

Fortunately for both us and the spider, however, sand spiders rarely come into contact with humans—and, when they do, they almost never bite. Which makes a video like this, with such up close and personal footage of a sand spider in action, as rare as it is fascinating. Some people are intrigued by spiders, but even if you’re not one of them, we think you’ll enjoy checking this video out. It’s not often that one finds such great footage of a creature so rarely seen by the human eye. So you should definitely hit the Play button now, and maybe even consider forwarding this along to anyone you know who’s interested in spiders—or in disguises and camouflage, or anyone who just enjoys watching the miracles of nature in action!