Confused Corgi Can't Figure Out Anti-Gravity Foundation Lamp

Published May 29, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPuppies are very playful and curious, and mostly every object can be mysterious and interesting to them.
For example, this puppy cannot make heads or tails of this Hydra Lamp! Priceless! Maybe it is the smell, or maybe it is the taste. It only comes naturally to observe and get to know your surroundings. It is the way we manage to stay alive.

If you know your environment, you can anticipate each activity before it happens and manage to settle to any possible changes.
This applies to both humans and pets and it is been our survival mechanism since the beginning of time. When this adorable little puppy notices water coming from the unknown object, he decided to investigate the situation. After some sniffing and pawing at the water lamp, it was not long before the dog concluded that he was not impressed with the mysterious thing that had found its way into her home.

videos of these types portraying different objects being placed in front of pets and capturing their amazement or fright have been quite popular and are very funny and adorable, with this video is no exception.

Any object being placed in front of a puppy brings an element of surprise as the puppy does not expect that particular object or has never seen it before and therefore proceeds to approach and treat it with caution.

Any new and unexpected person or item a puppy meets will be greeted with a certain degree of suspicion. Some objects may in it look terrifying such as cucumbers which may resemble a snake, or pineapples and other such things which may look like nothing that the puppy has seen before. In that situation, it is important to remember that puppies have a sense of smell that is significantly greater than that of any human.

This, in turn, may produce an unexpected reaction from the puppy as he encounters a strange and new smell and taste which can cause some confusion as seen with
the beautiful puppy in the video above.

Little baby animals are extremely adorable. They are like tiny sponges trying to soak up as much new information as probable. They are ever interested and always have a positive way in life. The latter makes them extremely cute, especially when it comes to meeting new things. They may be goofy and have uncoordinated movement, but they would never fail to make our day.

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