5 years ago

Little Baby Girl Has The Funniest Reaction To Her Daddy's Singing

There are some songs that just won’t do. You try to make yourself love them, but they are just not your cup of tea. Well, it seems like this little girl has found herself in the same predicament. Little baby Violet is left with the decision of choosing which song is better, and according to her, The Lion King theme song is a no go.

Her daddy had to sing her a lullaby before going to sleep but he couldn’t choose only one. So, he did the only thing he thought of doing and he came to Violet for help. The little girl seems to be in a good mood and she eagerly awaits to see what her dad has in store for her. The first thing he does is sing a nursery rhyme for little baby Violet and it’s pretty safe to say that she is ecstatic! She claps with her little hands, bounces around in her father’s embrace which tells us that she has made her choice. The father doesn’t give up, he want’s to check if his daughter would like the other song too. He starts to sing her The Circle of Life, only to find Violet on the verge of tears. To make matters a tiny bit better, he starts singing the first song and everything turns out alright. Phew, that was close!

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