Adorable Kitty Preciously Sits Still During Her Nail Trimming Session

Published May 16, 2019 13,135 Plays $10.51 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensHave you ever tried trimming a cat’s nails? One has never learned what it is like to fight a losing battle if they haven’t tried this activity.

First of all, for some reason we are not familiar with, cats do not want to have their paws touched. Ever. Not by you, not by their owners, not by the vet or anyone else for that matter. The reason behind this escapes us and we are giving in to their desires.

However, this is not the case with every cat out there. In fact, there are cats who will not only let you touch their paws, they will sit down calmly, like in a nail salon, and they will let you trim their nails, file them down slightly if you need to and clip the fur between their toe pads if necessary. Yah, it sound like stuff from a science fiction novel, we get it. But we can prove it! Just look at Pookie!

Sweet Pookie here is a Ragdoll/British Short mixed Munchkin kitty who was adopted into this family three years ago. The Munchkins are especially loved because of one of their unique traits - their stubby little legs, for one. They might look like they have some back problems, but they are perfectly healthy, every last one! They are also big on cuddling, another thing that makes them super precious to have in one’s home. They also love being handled, which is a huge plus when pedicure time comes.

Pookie here seems to love having her nails clipped and and the fur between her toes trimmed, because we see her laying down peacefully, on her back, between her owner’s legs, as she takes care of her pet cat. Knowing just how many cats would react violently to their paws being merely touched, watching Pookie here is a summer breeze.

She doesn’t move. She doesn’t even flinch. All she does, as the hair trimmer buzzes on her paws is lay back and relax, waiting for her treatment to end. Even then, she doesn’t just run off from her owner's lap. She stays behind, letting her owner massage her footsies. Isn’t she just adorable?

If we were to try that on our own mixes of regular cats, we probably would have been scratched so badly, we would need to go to the hospital for a stitch or two. Or ten.

Now we really want a munchkin cat of our own. They must be quite lovely to pedicure!