Raccoon And Cat Make A Cute Pair

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis world is such a fun place and the strangest things can happen. For example, sometimes baby raccoons try to befriend cats. If you have never encountered such a thing, check out the story of an unusual friendship that this video shows. This cute baby raccoon desperately wants this little cat to give him some attention!

This cat and raccoon have lived together in the Russian city Kemerovo since they were young babies, now they are the best the friendship.

Cats are known to be territorial, so this raccoon will always have this cat watching its back! These two look like they will be the best of friends though, amazing!

Owner of this adorable raccoon write on a social media post: "Our Raccoon Tema teases our cat and Tema loves to cuddle." She further writes:
"My hubby and knew someone at the nearest Zoo that brought us this beautiful raccoon, Tema, that was breed especially for the zoo.

Then he was only 8-weeks-old. He did not know how to eat food and go to the toilet himself, so we fed Tema a special mixture from the papillae. In common, when we saw little Tema, we realized that we cannot leave him at night at the zoo, as he was very young. As a result, he spent many days at our home, and during this time we loved Tema so much that we could not settle him in the zoo.

Now we do videos with our raccoon. He had lots of fans that would bring him treats soft toys and even flowers on his birthday. He lives with us and he sleeps, and runs around the apartment and carries it out in the day. He also lives with a cat and a dog that are both very friendly."

Raccoons are usually well known for stealing food and sneaking up every time they have the occasion. These inter-species friendships are what we love most about our job here. Watching endless hours of clips with every sort of different animals playing and cuddling in harmony warms our hearts and makes us wish we had such animals around.

Have you ever note any other unusual friendships like this one,
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  • KittyCats, 1 year ago

    They are so cute together!

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  • rwebaz, 1 year ago

    Cross-species luv between mammals. The "Human Animal" shd take note!

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