Cat Makes Fascinating Recovery After Being Hit By A Car

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Rumble / Cats & KittensFor us, people who rescue animals are the real heroes! They dedicate their lives and all their love and care for the abandoned, neglected, and unwanted. All they want the pets to be safe, to have a forever home for animals who have never felt love and care in their lives. Those are the people who deserve all the praise because their work is not about money or glory, is about love and compassion.

This is a story about a girl who gave all her love and commitment to save a cat and to give him a good life. Watch the touching story of Sam the cat who was rescued in a very poor condition. So inspirational!

The girl found this cat, named Sam, on the street and with a bloody mouth as he was hit by a car. She reacted quickly, and she took him to the closest veterinary hospital where he was put immediately under fluids and intense treatment. She made a promise to Sam that he will be okay, and she wanted to keep her promise.

His body temperature was low, and the vet didn’t know if he would make it or not. The best for Sam was to stay in a warm place for a while, and as soon as his body temperature was, he would be able to stand again.

Luckily, he was able to stand on his feet soon after his body temperature was, but the pain didn’t end there. Soon, after a few investigations, the vet discovered that he had a bad mandibular fracture and it because of that he was not able to eat on his own.

Surgery would have been very traumatic and complicated for him, so, they decided that the best for him is slow healing without interventions and that he is allowed to eat only liquid food for one month.

After eating for one week from a syringe, soon after that, he started eating by himself. Soon, another problem was discovered. He couldn’t walk with one paw, and after some investigation, the vet found some bones fractures.

He was lucky again because this was a fixable problem by putting on him a special bandage that he needed to wear for three weeks. After three weeks he started to use his leg.

Sam made a full recovery and he is feeling excellent now, thanks to this big-hearted girl. In a few days, he will be with his new family that will love him endlessly!