German Shepherd Was Miraculously Rescued And Now Has A Great Family

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesJust imagine coming from work, tired, mentally exhausted, sleepy, and your dog waits for you at the dog, wagging its tail and smiling at you because he missed you and you are finally home. It’s the best feeling ever!

But, not always owning a dog means to buy one, the best way to get a dog is to adopt one. All dogs deserve a home, a family who will love them and make them part of their family. Take a look at this beautiful story, and this dog that made this family whole and the love they have for him is unconditional. Spoiler alert: Get some tissues!

Imagine the pain you'd feel when you are covered in open wounds, blood trickling down your legs, all while you are terribly underweight. To say this young boy was neglected would be an understatement.

This youngster spent months receiving treatments at the vet and will never know that kind of pain again. Weighing only 53 pounds and diagnosed with a disease, bacterial infections, anemia, as well as a host of other issues when rescued, he recovered like a champ and moved into a loving foster home while awaiting adoption.

Then he met a family who would change his whole life. Posse, now known as Presley, is a sweet boy who loves children, is leaner, adores his mom more than anything else in the world, and loves going for his walks. Dogs like Posse/Presley are labeled "rescue only" at the shelter, due to their medical conditions.

Supporting your local rescues is your chance to help these dogs receive the treatment they so badly require and help them get a chance at a beautiful life with a loving family of their own. Adopting a dog can be the best thing that ever happened to you and to that dog.

Adopting a dog can be very rewarding, and we know that is a huge step, but it can be the best step you ever made in your life. They will make your life happier, as you will theirs. They will be your best friend and will always be there for you.

However, before you adopt a dog make sure you get well informed on how to care about them, what do they need and is that breed suitable for you, your household and your finances. So, do your research and make the best decision in your life by adopting a best friend!


  • 22u2, 24 weeks ago

    What a beautiful boy, whoever allowed this to happen should be in jail. Thank god to to loving family that adopted him.

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  • AbbyandSadiesMom, 16 weeks ago

    Such a heartwarming, beautiful story! In ten years of volunteering, stories such as these are not new, but seeing these wonderful dogs and cats find loving homes is worth the hard work. Much love to Presley and his new family!

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  • Berly, 16 weeks ago

    Thank God you got to him in time -- that's what it's all about -- STOPPING the abuse, getting Animal to safe place -- caring, healing Animal -- then, Adoption -- until they're healthy and happy.

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  • 56802, 16 weeks ago

    This video made my day...

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