Adorable Toddler Eats Donut In Funniest Possible Way

Published May 1, 2019 22,070 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsWe've never met a person who didn't enjoy a good donut, and we ever meet a person like that we will not trust that person at all, because to be real what kind of person would not enjoy a good donut? Donuts are life, and they are sweet, fun, bright and represents dessert life at its finest.

Donut worry, be happy! You can't buy happiness but you can buy donuts and that's basically the same thing. You drive me glazy. You're the sprinkles on my donut. We can go all day with these donut puns just to show you how amazing they can be; however, we think by showing you this next video we will make you crave for donuts.

Hilarious!! Watch this toddler enjoy a donut in one single bite. Too funny! He got one little taste and then realized that he got heaven in his mouth and then was the moment when he decided that it's one bite donut. Smack! It was gone in one second. That was probably a great donut.

The donut, the circular bundle of joy that makes your life so much better, it makes your life better, it sprinkles your life with joy, and it makes you happy, and the main idea of life is to be satisfied, right?

It's no secret that kids love eating sweet stuff, love candy, chocolate, donuts and also cake. Did someone mentioned cake? This baby girl eats a chocolate cate and rubs the frosting into her eyes, and it's all you need to know about sugar and kids!

This video shows an adorable baby girl who eats a chocolate cake with her hands. She is sitting in her high chair, and there's a big piece of delicious chocolate cake in front of her. She is eating it with both of her hands, putting some into her mouth and the rest on her chin, chubby cheeks, and her cute little nose. Kids are the best, and they always make us smile.

The joy of food, the love for sugar it's what makes our world so much better. Have you ever had a bucket of ice cream when you were lonely? It's like the best feeling ever, and it's like a warm hug and sunshine at the same time. Sugar is amazing!

What's your favorite dessert and how does it make you feel when you eat it? Tell us below in our comment section.