Little Girl Is Caught Red-Handed Eating Donuts, Has The Cutest Response

Published August 16, 2017 112,721 Plays $295.58 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsIsn’t it crazy adorable that toddler just can’t seem to make up a lie? Mostly it is because they are still unaware of the concept of not telling the truth, but the fear of being scolded by their parents does the trick just fine. They might manage to whip up an excuse, but with a little bit of tactical pressure, they always spill the beans and it is adorable to watch every time.

This tot was caught by mom with obvious evidence all over her lips and she tries to cover her “crime” up, but eventually comes clean and learns her lesson.

She had clearly tried to sneak some white (powdered) donuts while her mom was in the bathroom. Unfortunately for her, the fact that her mouth was covered in white powder and she was licking her lips didn’t help her defense. She tells mom that the white on her mouth are actually spots, but from when she ate a piece of chocolate, not a donut!

She tries keeping her ground, but when mom asks her is she’s telling the truth, the sweet girl couldn’t keep it down and admits that she did, in fact, eat a white donut while mom was in the bathroom. She didn’t ask mom for it either.

After a minute of questioning, mom asks how many did she have and the tot tried to make mom laugh by saying that she actually had 11 donuts. Better make it a serious crime then!