German Shepherd Meets Newborn Goslings

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIn our opinion, we think that there's nothing better than seeing an adorable video or story about animals who have best friends, but there's a specials place in our hearts for dogs that form friendships with other animals.

If these kinds of connections are as well-known as the Internet leads us to believe, why is it that some dogs get along so well with other species of animals? Adorable animal friends are always there for each other as companions, no matter what. Sure, they get into scuffles now and then, but in the end, there is no other furry creature they'd rather spend their time with!

This German Shepard is about to meet his future best friends and he is so excited about that. The first two geese of the year have hatched on this farm and Charon the German Shepherd is very excited about it!

Many different animals live on this farm, including chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, quails, emus and dogs. They hatched all the chicks themselves and brought together with their German shepherds. The dogs protect the farm, and everyone feels comfortable. This video of Charon and the new baby goslings are really adorable and amazing!

Having a best friend is the most excellent feeling in the world. The be that super team, the enjoy every day together, share secrets and this dog and these goslings one day will have a great bond, they will play lots of games together, and of course Charon will take good care of them. That's so precious!

The more we learn about animal friendships, the more remarkable they are. We are pretty sure there is a lesson to be learned from our four-legged friends as they so freely embrace these beautiful friendships.

Luckily for you, this is not where this story ends. We have another video of Charon watching over the cute geese chicks, and we are falling in love with this precious dog!

This video is proof! Charon and Thorin are German Shepherds, is about to grow up surrounded by baby chicks. They not only have baby chicks to play with, but they also have other dogs and a variety of farm animals!

What a happy pack and exciting life they are going to have! Chicks and dogs, both delightfully playful and masterfully mischievous are just Intended to be great friends. Both dogs and chicks are communal animals, dogs live in packs, while chicks live in flocks.

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