German Shepherds Preciously Watch Over Cute Geese Chicks

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Pixie chicks and their new friends Look like everything is going well...Too cute!

Wild dogs live in packs. Domesticated dogs are pack animals which means they prefer to have the company of other dogs or animals.

Dogs are very social creatures and they can be very gentle with young children or other animals. If you have a dog, this is not really shocking news to you!

A dog raised with a gentle hand will be gentle with other animals and people. This video is proof! Charon and Thorin are German Shepherds, is about to grow up surrounded by baby chicks. They not only have baby chicks to play with, but they also have other dogs and a variety of farm animals!

What a happy pack and a thrilling life they going to have! Chicks and dogs, both delightfully playful and masterfully mischievous are just Intended to be great friends. Both dogs and chicks are communal animals, dogs live in packs, while chicks live in flocks.

Being the friendly animals that they are, chooks and canines thrive in groups whether their members sport fluffy fur or fabulous feathers. dogs and Chicks adore interrelating with their human families too!

So whereas summer is in full swing, head out to the lawn with a picnic box and enjoy a fun furry feathery afternoon together with your animal friends!

Appropriate treats for both pup and poultry required! Socializing with your canine and chooks companions is a big Fun!

Have you ever considered why God created animals and in such variety? When you visit a zoo, you realize that there is an infinite variety of animals. And then there is the perhaps unanswerable question of their eternal location. Then I am bewildered at the cruelty to animals inflicted by some mean and hateful people. Clearly, God loves animals.

He filled the Garden of Eden with them. He preserved them during the flood and expressed concern about the cattle of Nineveh at the end of the Book of Jonah. He even makes the statement in our verse for today that righteousness includes treating our animals well. It is good to teach our children from animals. So animals have a prominent place in God's world and God's Word.

It is no accident and it must be the intention of God for us to learn from them. Cecil Alexander said, "All things beautiful and bright, all creatures small and great. All things wonderful and wise, the Lord God create them all."

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