Sneaky Ninja Kitty Steals Nugget

Published April 17, 2019 10,520 Views $13.75 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensIt’s dinnertime, so let the shenanigans begin! The crafty kitty in this laugh out loud funny video desperately wants one of those chicken nuggets that his humans are about to enjoy—the only question is, how can he get one? Some cats might stoop to actual begging, but not this cat! He has other plans to get his paws on some of that fried chicken goodness, and begging won’t even enter the picture. As his human servant (and walking meal dispenser), based in Orlando, Florida, says, “Our fluffy Persian cat named Milo hid behind my laptop, thinking I couldn’t see him. He then tried and finally succeeded in swiping a chicken nugget off of my dinner plate.” There’s a lot to unpack in what, at first glance, seems to be a fairly short (and insanely enjoyable!) video.

In the first place, we can’t help but admire Milo’s clever use of the ketchup bottle as camouflage. And, of course, it always entertains us to no end to see how confident a cat is that when they can’t see us, we also can’t see them. It obviously hasn’t occurred to Milo that his thieving little paw is in plain sight (even if the rest of him is hidden), but hey—we’re guessing that, with enough practice, Milo will eventually become a cat burglar whose talents rival the best in the business. And stealing chicken nuggets off of his human’s plate is as good a place to start as any!

Of course, the obvious solution would be for his human to simply cave in and just give Milo some chicken nuggets of his very own—on his own plate and everything—so that both human and cat can enjoy their favorite delicacy at the same time without any need for sneaking around. But since it seems like Milo’s human still hasn’t seen the light, at least those of us in the viewing audience can have the satisfaction of laughing our socks off at this genuinely hilarious video.

If you haven’t hit the Play button yet, we recommend that you do so without waiting another minute. And, since this one is pure comedy gold, we hope you’ll consider sharing it with friends and family who a) love cats and b) could also use a laughter break in their day. (And if there are people out there who don’t like cats or laughter, we don’t want to know them!)