Sleeping With Cats Is Quite The Adventure!

Published April 6, 2019 57,326 Views $21.90 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensCats are already known to sleep anywhere, they have been spotted dozing in a laundry rack, spooning one another on a couch, and even in one cat's case planking in camouflaging white fur and bed sheets, the cats may also steer the envious idea that they get far more deeper and relaxing sleep than we do!

This is quite a funny video and a very great idea what this lady has taught of. So, while she is sleeping, she has set up the camera to film what is happening throughout the night. And let us tell you it is hilarious. Her cat's are truly a handful. So as any of us, we find our bed to be the most calm place and just relaxing surrounding. That's where we take a load off and simply take a break from the quick pace of our day to day lives.

This girl decides it is time for bed however her cat's don't seem to share the same opinion. She carefully lays down in the hopes of not disturbing her cats however not successfully. As soon as she falls asleep they start their nightly routine. They are all over the place. Who says that if the adults go to bed so must we. No, we will run around, make noise jump from one side to the other, keep stepping on her and sure as heck we shall not let her rest. Hey, if we are bored it is not like we are gonna keep to our self's and let others rest. Why does she have to rest when we aren't tired?

Cats are independent as the rising sun. They observe everything with their gentle feline eyes, they loves to sit on a lap for strokes, they purr like a well oiled engine - loud and strong, and wind around their owner’s legs at meal times. Cats are indeed funny animals with their black and white preened fur they patrol in the garden, chase butterflies and pounce on beetles. When they are confined within the borders of their homes, they leave muddy paw prints across the kitchen tiles, mew for food when they are hungry and snooze on the couch, wait for fuss, purr like a tractor while their fur flies everywhere.

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