Man Brings Truckloads Of Water To Animals In Drought

Published April 10, 2019 3,541 Views $5.82 earned

Rumble / Everyday HeroesAs we know, the earth has been getting warmer due to the lack of care humans take living on this Earth. The constant exploitation, the cutting down of forest, the pollution of water and many "creative" ways we have found to additionally destroy our Earth. Having said this, the case is that our actions have also effected nature and the regular chain of the life outside of our's.

This video takes place in Kenya. Where global changes have made an impact on animals lives living in the wild. The scarcity of water has become an issue since the Earth is getting warmer. Droughts are more common then ever, leaving animals at an even bigger challenge of finding for water. As if their lives were't simple before this.

Here we have quite the video of these members of the Mwalua Wildlife Trust, a Kenyan founded and run organization that works towards sustainable water solutions for human and wildlife communities in Tsavo East National Park, deliver truckloads of water to all the animals suffering through a drought. This is one of many examples of how we can help to prevent the further cleansing of wild life animals. There is something we can all bring to the table and make this planet just a pinch better. This is only an encouragement as every difference begins with a tiny step forward toward the goal.

This video doesn't really show them in action, however it does simply show the hopeless animals gathered around the pond in the hopes of drying their thirst. It is a big eye opener to which extent we have come and how much we can actually go wrong by getting our will on this planet. However, we will again state that there is always something that we can do, just like the gentleman in this video.

These guys prove to show that the simplest of doings like bringing water to their front door is something small yet it can have a tremendous impact on their lives. If not anything else, wouldn't you want to see more of such caring human beings?

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