Dog Hilariously Tries To Eat Running Shower Water

Published January 24, 2019 1,735 Views $1.77 earned

If you’ve been looking for a video of a Jack Russell terrier doing something hilarious, preferably in a shower, then this is the video you’ve been waiting for! And even if you weren’t “specifically” looking for a video of a dog in the shower, trying to catch each and every falling drop in his mouth (because, in fairness, why would such a thing even occur to you?) we know you’re going to get a big chuckle out of this one.

Jack Russells are known to be high-energy pooches, and the Jack Russell featured in this video certainly doesn’t let his breed’s reputation down. In these troubling times in which we live—when it so often seems that nothing we do makes any difference or has any purpose—we can’t help but admire this tenacious terrier’s good old-fashioned stick-to-it-iveness. Not to mention his flawless coat and naturally sparkling on air personality.

Perhaps Milo, the dog featured in this short but sweet clip, was under the impression that there was some kibble—or possibly some Milkbones—waiting for him if he managed to catch every last drop? Or maybe, like the best explorers and innovators, he’s trying to catch all that water just because it’s there? Or, possibly—and we tend to think that this is the most likely explanation—he’s simply reveling in the joy of being a dog, one who’s obviously adored by the humans who record his every action as if it were comedy gold. Which it most definitely is.

There’s an old adage in show business that you should never work with kids or animals, because they always end up stealing the show. We have no doubt that Milo manages to be the star attraction in whatever room he scampers into.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t clicked the Play button already, you’re just depriving yourself of classic “dog meets water, hilarity ensues” hi-jinks. And if you “have” clicked the Play button already, we’re guessing you’re going to want to click it again. And again. And maybe forward it to that aunt in Peoria who looooves Jack Russell terriers, and has Jack Russell throw pillows and Jack Russell bumper stickers and Jack Russell Christmas sweaters. (Not that “we” have an aunt like that or anything…ahem.) Still, even the dog-loving-est person in the world has probably never loved anything as much as Milo the dog loves trying to catch that water falling from the shower head…

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