Two Cats Holding Paws While Sleeping, Give The Impression Of A Mirroring Image

Published January 22, 2018 6,773 Views $31.24 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensAn adorable footage has emerged of two kitties holding paws while they are sleeping. With heads turned to face each other, these cats give the impression of a mirroring image! How precious!

Cats are already known to sleep anywhere, they have been spotted dozing in a laundry rack, spooning one another on a couch, and even in one cat's case planking in camouflaging white fur and bed sheets, the cats may also steer the envious idea that they get far more deeper and relaxing sleep than we do!

Of course, with one cat seen nearly passed out inside a dyer, and another across the a face of a dog, this may not always be such a good and safe thing, especially in the case of the cat passed out on a hot tin roof. When they sleep, cats purr loudly as they blissfully drift away into a feline wonderland.

Footage shows two grey cats sleeping on a cozy bed, holding paws and facing each other. At first sight, it seems like there is only one cat facing a mirror, but as the camera rolls further away we notice that one cat has its tail hanging to the side, while the second cat had its tail straight down facing the foot of the bed. This proves us that it is a matter of two look-alike cats!

Kitties like being warm so they tend to rest their paws on something they feel comfortable around as they curl into their favorite warm spot and doze away. That is the feline way of showing affection and claiming territory. When a cat places her paw on something while she's sleeping it is similar to human hugging or holding hands. She's simply showing that she adores the thing she is touching and wants to be close to it.

This adorable video of two cats holding paws while they are sound asleep on the bed had instantly warmed our hearts. Watching these two kittens snuggling and touching hands, is the purest example of love and affection in felines. It is undoubtedly that these two share a very special bond indeed!

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