Crazy Chihuahua Puppy Attempts To Play With Cat

Published April 3, 2019 20,891 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWe know animals love to form unusual animal friendships. Whether it's their mutual household that throws them together or they happen to find a friend from another species, animals will occasionally become pals, creating an unusual alliance and we love them no matter what animal! These unusual animal relationships cause a certain amount of double-takes — and they're often incredibly adorable, but some friendships make this world a better place! We have seen a lot of animals, and we have worshiped them every time, and now we have another fantastic and unusual animal friendship that will leave you in awe!

Well, as any baby animal, this little guy is just so happy to be alive. We have found that usually this kind of happiness is seen in dog's. As dog's just can't resist but being happy and enjoying life which is somewhat more then what we have to say about cats. Ether way, this is dealer's choice so we will let you pick your animal but only if you take a look at this video and let us know what you think. So we have a cat that is just being a cat and a little puppy that is also being a little a puppy.

Clearly this little guy is out to make some new friends but no everyone seems to feel the same. This cat is actually against it, by the looks of it. However this doesn't mean that this little guy is going to give up on his dream on letting this cat win with its negativity. He soldiers on until the cat gets too tired of him and gives him that nice final hit to the head. We are more than happy to share this video as we are certain it will put a smile on your face.

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