North Charleston Fire Department Rescues Puppy From Pile Of Rocks

Published April 2, 2019 1,656 Views

Rumble / Everyday HeroesYou have to see this gratifying rescue video where the North Charleston Fire Department rescues a small puppy that is trapped in a pile of rocks.the little puppy is desperate to get out of that narrow hole that doesn't let him see the light of day. Fortunately the fire department responded to the call quickly, thanks to some cyclists who heard the animal among the rocks and did not hesitate to ask for help, this is very encouraging because as people that is what we must do, help those who need it, even more, when they are beings as helpless as animals.

The video was filmed by one of the North Charleston rescue corps members, when Engine 201 Captain Bryant and NCPD proceed to remove the animal from the pile of rocks. The cameras capture when the firefighter inserts his hand into the narrow hole in order to remove the puppy. Although at the beginning it seems a difficult task because after several attempts it can not remove the puppy, it only took a little more insistence and good ingenuity to move the puppy in the right way and could be unstuck from between the rocks to finally get out of there,They succeed! the animal managed to get out of there completely towards the arms of the kind and heroic firefighter who did everything in his hands to get the little pup out safe and sound, good job! Puppies of this age are usually very naughty and playful, they love to play in free spaces and run around anywhere, they want to play to explore and for them it is interesting even a pile of rocks. Their curiosity leads them to want to know everything and many times they are very flexible and talented to get into narrow places, but they are not so good at trying to get out. It's their curious nature that gets them into trouble, but we'll always be there if we hear their calls, we won't hesitate to help them, will we?

Have you ever saved an animal in danger? If you've done that it says a lot about you as a person, you're a great person, for worrying about preserving the beautiful lives that share with us this wonderful planet, that's the right thing to do, not to ignore the calls of help that an animal might be issuing in order for someone to hear it and be saved. So the cyclists also deserve to be praised for their good heart in calling the firemen to start the rescue of this lucky puppy. He has the best hero in the world, who managed to get him out of that horrible place without major injuries. The puppy is fine, we hope the firemen can locate its owners, who must be looking for their pet like crazy, but if the animal does not have a family, it is best to be taken to a shelter to be cared for until a family adopts it and loves it as much as it deserves.

Saving an animal that is under difficult circumstances is one of the most rewarding experiences that exist, those who have done so know that it is so and would not hesitate to do so as often as necessary. Animals are creatures so adorable and innocent that they touch any heart. They brighten the lives of many people and become that source of energy that we sometimes need, they are antidepressants and excellent generators of laughter, so we could not be more grateful to them.

Full credit to: North Charleston Fire Department on FB

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