Dad Puts Baby Down For A Nap In A Special Spot - His Guitar!

Published March 25, 2019 2,111 Plays $23.30 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsThis new dad found a sweet way to lull his newborn daughter to sleep and now the loving moment between them is going viral. The singer, who is from Carthage, Missouri, began posting on his Cody Comer Music Facebook page on March 12 to share his music with his friends, family, and his fans. His wife Chandra had been telling him for a while to put videos of him singing on social media, and he finally listened!

The first video he uploaded twice was of him singing “Deep Elem Blues” by Grateful Dead on March 12. Combined, it has around 69,000 views, which is quite a bit for a brand-new artist on Facebook! Little did he know that his second video ever, and third upload, would go completely viral.

On March 13, Comer posted a sweet video of himself singing Merle Haggard’s “Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star” to his newborn baby. It has circulated on Facebook so much that it now has over 38 MILLION views! It is clear everyone loves this sweet father-daughter moment.

According to his personal Facebook page, Comer is a subcontracted cowboy at Block Cattle Farms and Feed Lot, and a humble one at that. He responded to a few of the 46,000 comments on the video, at one point saying, “I didn’t think that quietly singing a lullaby would attract so much attention.”

Cody and Chandra Comer from Missouri were doing their best to get 2-week-old baby Carrigan to fall asleep. Cody broke out his guitar.

"I was sitting in here picking the guitar and she asked me if I had put her to sleep and I did not really want to stop playing guitar so I just eased her up on the guitar and started playing and she just went to sleep," said Cody. "He just sings to her and he will sing her to sleep and it was just a precious video that really they had just taken and shared for family and friends to see," said Mindy Comer, Carrigan's grandmother.

Cody is an aspiring musician who has a Facebook page for his music. The couple decided to post the video there, where it quickly gained over 60 million views. Cody and baby Carrigan became overnight internet celebrities."I just posted it on there because I thought it was kinda cool. I did not think it would go viral as it did," said Cody.

"It's just crazy how much people love babies, and how fast it happened, all of it, I think that's just the crazy part for us is how viral it went and how quickly it all happened," said Chandra.

Mindy Comer, Cody's mom, and Carrigan's grandmother say Cody would sing to baby Carrigan when she was still in the womb."So she was in the womb hearing him sing her to sleep, so, on day one, he started singing to her and she would fall right to sleep," said Mindy."Every time I look at her [Carrigan] I can't get over how much God has blessed us..." said Cody. The Comers say that they are looking forward to sharing the video and the story with Carrigan when she gets older.