Adorable Baby Girl Hilariously Plays The Guitar

Published March 13, 2019 61,016 Views $23.06 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsThere are real musicians, and then there is this baby girl. She may not know how to play the guitar but she definitely knows how to act like a rock star.

Picking those fake plastic strings of a video-game guitar, this little girl made all the right expressions, feeling the song note-to-note. She even tried to scream like a rock artist, but all that came out was a soft tweet. Cuteness overload!.

It is never too early to start playing music! or too late. If you love it, do it! Your age should not stop you from doing the things you enjoy. And this precious baby girl is definitely not letting the fact that she is a baby stop him from playing the guitar.

She loves it, and she is really good at it. Of course, with time, and more practice she will get even better. The baby girl is playing his guitar for his family, and he's even singing along. Not only is he a talented guitar player, but she is also a talented singer! I do not have a doubt in my mind this little one will accomplish great things when she is older. Just keep up the good work!

This loveable video, filmed by his mom at their home has clocked up more than 3 million views since it was published on March 5.
Amused You Tubers have commented on the enthusiastic and accurate nature of her girl's performance. One user remarked: 'this kid is going to be awesome when she is older. she loves the rage [against the machine].'

Another user spotted musical potential in the young girl, adding: 'Future bass player right here.'
Mother of this cute girl reviled story behind this video on his Facebook post.

“My husband loves playing guitar and singing at the same time. I guess she regularly sees her Dad doing this hobby at home to the point that she loves playing randomly hitting Daddy's guitar's strings to produce really disturbing noises melody and at the same time, singing with her heart and soul some off-tune Tarzan song in her baby language.

One afternoon, I heard she was 'singing' her signature guitar song. I found it weird because she was not holding her Dad's guitar as she sang the song, the song with the guitar is so hilarious that I usually I laugh my lungs out every time I hear Naomi sing her 'guitar' song like this.

I think that is about it for her most memorable funny moments for now. There should be more of these moments that we presently enjoy from her but I can't describe them one by one here right now.”

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