Respectful Deer Adorably Bows For Treats

4 years ago

Wow! Now you can say you've seen a deer do tricks. Who knew! It is all too often we write off animals not commonly considered as pets. We write off not only their ability of affection but also intelligence.

Whilst in Nara Park in Japan this group came across a sincerely polite deer. The park is famous for having very polite deer who have adapted to theur surroundings and picked up on the fact that when they approach visitors calmly and gently, they will receive treats. Very, very similar to training a dog. I wonder if one day they will understand the command to "sit!".

In most cases, it is against protocol to touch deer in the wild. This park specifically inhabits deer that will not be rejected by their mothers of family if they come into contact with human scent. The park has created a sanctuary for these animals, where they feel safe and have learned the ability to trust humans and eat from their hands.

Nara Park in Japan, where these miraculous encounters occur, is considered to be religiously sacred land and is protected. The deity emerged and is historically believed to have appeared riding a white deer on Mount Mikasa. The deer that have since come to the area, are considered sacred. I got to admit, I've got chills! What an incredible place on this earth to exist with such religious relevance incorporating the care and protection of our wildlife animals. Killing one of these sacred deer was considered a very serious offence and was punishable by death until 1637. After world war two, the deer were stripped of their sacred religious status and are now considered national treasures that are protected.

These deer appear to be uncommonly friendly, but everyone has their sassy side! This park is not without accidents. In fact, in 2016 over 110 people were injured through these deer encounters. When coming into contact with any animal, you need to approach with caution. Remember, if you have food, that's what they want. Don't hold out too long for a selfie or they may snip the snacks right out of your hands!

According to 2018 records, the deer community has raised to an incredible 1200 locals! Unfortunately, the deer do have a natural tendency to cause damage to the greenery, and for this reason the organization is considering monitoring the breeding to ensure they do not end up dealing with the effects of overpopulation.

Incredible. I'm putting this on my list of places to visit! I want to see a deer bow for treats! Don't you?

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