Smart deer learns how to get treats from pockets

Published June 6, 2018 1,003 Views $1.04 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsFaline is a very friendly deer. She was orphaned when she was only a few days old. Her mother was struck by a car and killed and she was found helplessly huddled in the grass, completely unable to fend for herself. She was taken to a rescue center that was able to provide her with the care that she needed to grow healthy and strong.

Faline was eventually allowed to run free and she can now care for herself, but she is very accustomed to humans. Fortunately, she lives on such a large expanse of land in a protected area that her trust for humans will not be a problem for her. Faline frequently comes back to the sanctuary and recognizes the humans who cared for her and the people who frequent the sanctuary. Once she has learned trust, she eagerly comes close and seeks out affection and treats.

Faline quickly learned where humans store their food, such as corn in a pocket and she discovered immediately that she did not have to wait for the corn to be brought out. She figured out that she could stick her nose right in and gobble up the corn.

Faline enjoys the best of both worlds with her freedom and her ability to come back to the people that she is familiar with. Ideally, deer and other animals are raised with minimal human interaction so that they can be truly wild upon release. Faline was so young when she was orphaned that this was not possible. Attempts were made to have her fully independent but she has never let go of the connection with the rescue center. Occasionally, other deer that are completely wild will visit the rescue center. They seem to be curious about Faline's trust in the humans, but they will not approach closely.

Faline is a beautiful example of how compassion and caring can make all the difference for the survival of a helpless animal.