Water-Loving Pig Plays In His New Pool

Published March 8, 2019 1,038,585 Views $48.32 earned

When you think about pigs, do you feel about the curly tailed piglet or the fat sow wallowing in a big mud puddle? There are a lot of stereotypes about pigs, and that’s why people have a bad image about that! Well, not all pigs are like that!

This amazing little pig loves to take baths and swim in the pool and has tons of fun! Hank loves his pink new pool in this adorable clip. Time for some fun and sun! The pig, all the more prevalently known as Hank from "My Best Friend Hank" on Facebook, is seen turning around and dropping out of the pool as he makes a sprinkle amid the warm day. It might be a kiddie pool, yet it would appear that it fits Hank without flaw!

Hank is an amazing and fun piggy who loves to share tons of fun activities with his owner. Piggies fascinate people, because they are anything but subtle, for one thing. They are fascinating and adorable in so many ways. They are unconventional pets, single-minded and always focused on one thing — their bliss and the things that bring it to them.

They say pig don’t fly, but they certainly love to swim, and they are good at it! In one island in the Bahamas, there is an entire province of pigs who like to swim in the ocean, and it is positively not an ability that was created for survival. They lay in the sun on the shoreline, and they go for a loosening up dunk in the ocean.

No wonder, Hank has so much swimming in this tiny and cute little pool that his owner bought just for him. So adorable. Piggies are simply marvelous! They love to have fun, but they love their owners even more.

Just take a look at this baby mini pig covers little girl in kisses and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Can you believe how cute this piglet is? How can you not want a piglet of your own after seeing this? This little girl is getting more love in one minute than should be legal. The pig has become a favorite pet in recent years, ever since we people have started to look at them more as highly intelligent mammals and less as bacon and sausage. We give them full-fledged membership in our families, and they return the favor in unlimited affection.

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