Baby Mini Pig Covers Little Girl In Kisses

Published February 14, 2019 6,527 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsCan you believe how cute this piglet is? How can you not want a piglet of your own after seeing this? This little girl is getting more love in one minute than should be legal.

The pig has become a popular pet in recent years, ever since we people have started to look at them more as highly intelligent mammals and less as bacon and sausage. We give them full-fledged membership in our families, and they return the favor in unlimited affection.

We aren’t given many background details like names and ages, but it’s probably not too important to get a sense of what’s happening. It’s not your typical family scene, that’s for sure. We’re usually used to seeing a puppy in place of the pig. In many respects, the piglet and the puppy don’t look that different from one another. They are both bright eyed and bushy tailed, even if the piglet has more of a curly tail.

Never mind those stereotypes about pigs being dirty, wallowing in mud holes all day. Not that she wouldn’t mind it, of course, but we clearly see this little piglet is as pink and clean as a new plush doll. She probably gets the royal spa treatment, and we can guess the little girl—her life-long buddy, helps with pet maintenance. We don’t see the little girl complaining about pig breath, either. Maybe she gets piggy mints?

The little piggy isn’t a sloppy kisser, either. She’s very polite about it. Even puppies can be a little bit slobbering, but not this little pig. There are many things about pigs that prospective pig owners should know ahead of time, and that’s that your “teacup” pig can, and will, reach several hundred pounds at adulthood. By then she will probably—hopefully, not jump onto your kids while they’re lying on the sofa. You’ll want to give your pig a nice private spot outside where she can do her “business”. Some cities might even have bylaws prohibiting keeping a pig as a pet, as they are considered livestock, like chickens and cows. But the times, they are a-changing!

We will be on the lookout for more videos featuring this perfect couple. For a time they will be as sisters, exploring life together, frolicking and having fun. They will support each other through thick and thin. Please come back with update videos, so we can check in on you now and again.