Huge Mess Leads To Toddler Dance Party

Published March 3, 2019 7,417 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsLet's be honest, kids are pretty bad at a lot of things. This dad compiled a list of some of some of the most prominent things he noticed his kids are terrible at doing. From drawing pictures to jumping jacks, you are sure to laugh at these kids' attempts and ultimate failure.

It takes a lot of courage to admit that your children aren’t the artists you imagined them to become. Their paintings are nothing more than a few scribbles with a colored marker on white paper but to you they will always be the next Picasso paintings. Although you would like to keep them on your fridge, try limiting the amount to no more than three at a time. Instead of telling your children how great their drawings are all of the time, maybe you should think about teaching them how to hold the pen properly and learn to use other colors than red.

Having kids is a lot of hard work, that's fact of life! Ever since they enter the world, that never ending circle of feeding, diaper changing, bathing, etc. can get tiring! As they get older, there may be less sleepless nights, but new things to worry about always arise.

Regardless, those long sleepless nights and the frustration with teething, parents will tell you that it is the most rewarding thing they have ever done. Especially when they get to experience a moment like this mom had with her girl.

There is something so precious about a kid’s laughter. It is uninhibited and expressive and extremely contagious. There is just no way that you won’t end up laughing along with them. It is the most enjoyable experience that you’ll explore and it will leave you feeling happy and exhilarated for days to come.

Luckily for us adults, it is very easy to make a baby laugh. They aren’t very picky when it comes to reasons for laughter. They will laugh at anything and everything and don’t even try stopping them, it’s futile.

The matter of the fact is that we adult sometimes take things too seriously and might even blow things out of proportion. However for kids it might not be quite the case as it is well presented in this video.

The mess has been made, no care in the world as to who is going to clean it up and why worry over spilled milk anyways. In situations like this we can find that we can learn a lot from this little girl as she freely dances away the worry and proves to be careless and free.