Things Children Do That Are Unacceptable For Adults

Published July 25, 2014 4,917,803 Views

This is hilarious and very accurate! This dad re-imagines what it would be like if he was the one doing all the "annoying" things kids do everyday. It is so weird to watch him do all these crazy actions because he is an adult, you usually don't see adults acting like this, so funny! It is best if adults avoid this behavior. It might be embarrassing when other adults try to question what you're doing!

Many kids act the way this dad does in the video, especially when he complains about the color cup he has, if the kids don't get their favorite color, they will be very sad! It also must not be very pleasant when kids wipe their snot on you! Parents do so much for their children, they will try to make sure their kid is happy no matter what, even if that means getting the proper color cup from the dirty dishes and washing it! What an awesome video!

It is hilarious how this adult man tries to mimic the behavior of a child, from taking a big bite from the apple and spitting it out to his girlfriend's palm to inviting her to enter inside his fortress which is under the covers on their bed. Watching a grown up man behave in such a childish manner is absolutely hilarious!

Check out these cool assortments of cups for your kids to drink out of, hopefully the color they want is clean!

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Credit goes to 'epoddle'.

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