Confused Puppy Baffled By Lemon Slice

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe have said this time and again: every kid that has had the pleasure - nay, the honor! - of growing up with a dog does not know how lucky they are! Having a dog is having a best friend that will stay with you for the rest of their lives. They are the perfect partners in crime; the two of you will look so damn adorable, whatever mess you made will be forgiven as long as you giggle uncontrollably and the dog flashes those big puppy eyes.

When new parents bring their baby home for the first time, they usually ask themselves what will happen when the dog finds the baby out. Will the pooch accept the child as a new member of the pack, or will it be so jealous, that it might actually attack the new center of the owners’ attention? It would seem not every parent want their pet and child to live together, which is why so many dogs live out their lives in shelters across the country.

There are, however, parents that let their dog get to know the new family member and the results are spectacular!

For many parents, the idea of kids and dogs together is an absolute natural and we understand them completely! For other parents though, it’s a scary thought that may get the family dog a one-way ticket to the local shelter. For all those skeptic parents out there who think that dogs and babies are not a good idea, this video will change your mind and you will love the idea of your kid growing up with a dog!

When a dog chooses to express affection, it more likely to show you than tell you, so understanding the mixed signals of love requires that you understand the canine body language and how they interact with fellow dogs as well as humans. When dogs meet babies for the first time, you can't tell if they love it or hate it. Either way, their reactions are sure to put a smile on your face! And this newborn pup will put a big smile on your face and will take a little piece of your heart!

Now here we have quite the situation where this little guy is convinced that trying a lemon slice would be a great idea taking into consideration that all he has been served so far from his owners has been nothing but delicious. Little does he know he is in for some sour goodness. Well maybe not goodness, but we'll let you be the judge of that. All in all, his expression is ridiculous!

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