Kid Not Too Thrilled With New Tattoo, Delivers Hilarious Reaction

Published February 28, 2019 2,937 Plays $3.61 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsLet's be honest, kids are pretty bad at a lot of things. This dad felt like he needed to scratch of some things off of his bucket a list by providing his child with a tattoo so that he understands that for future reference tattoos are not the smartest decision, at least that's our take on it.

From drawing pictures to jumping jacks, you are sure to laugh at these kids' attempts and ultimate failure.

It takes a lot of courage to admit that your children aren’t the artists you imagined them to become. Their paintings are nothing more than a few scribbles with a colored marker on white paper but to you they will always be the next Picasso paintings. Although you would like to keep them on your fridge, try limiting the amount to no more than three at a time. Instead of telling your children how great their drawings are all of the time, maybe you should think about teaching them how to hold the pen properly and learn to use other colors than red.

It goes without saying that children deserve all the praise they can get to help motivate them to learn and accomplish new things. But too much praise can warp their sense of achievement and they might become lazy and too self-assured for their own good. So try to give them praise when they absolutely deserve it in order to guide them towards success. It is true when they say that a little pat on the back goes a long way.

In this case we might have what they call a "back fire" since this kid is not so keen on having his body drawn on. His dad put in the work by creating this truly well done dragon with lots of specs and details in hopes that his kid will be thrilled. However, things seem to take a turn for the worst as the dad reveals the tattoo and the kid starts crying less than 15 seconds from seeing it.

Now, we're not here to judge, but it might have been a good idea that the parent would ask his kid what picture he would like to have or even does he like tattoos at all. However there is always two sides of the story where the kid might have been nagging his dad for a tattoo but didn't expect that the tattoo would come out as it did. Ether way, we hope it is not a permanent one and that at least the kid has learned a lesson from this. Never the less, too funny. Take a look!