Angry Dog Throws Most Hilarious Tantrum Ever

Published February 26, 2019 267,534 Views $67.45 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWatch that comic video which stars the most exaggerated and dramatic dog that exists. He deserves an Oscar for the way he tries to manipulate his owner to fulfill his whims, but it will not be easy friend, your owner does not stop laughing like us. It's just that that angry look looks so funny that it doesn't give way to anyone's displeasure. He's very upset with his owner and doesn't want to talk to her, or rather the barking, he doesn't even want to maintain visual contact with her. What have they done to this little boy to make him so upset? What a bad mood!

We know that each pet has a unique personality, there are very extroverts, cheerful, rebels, bad tempered or some that turn out to be a love for their owners, although each one has those different traits that characterize them do not stop looking like adorable beings for the simple fact of existing and and make our lives happy, even if you have to endure their funny tantrums as is the case of this angry dog, which aims to make its owner understand that he is actually very angry with her, but she does not take it in the most serious way. Hilarious!

Things didn't turn out the way that this puppy wanted them and that's why he's in a temper tantrum. The little canine wanted to keep playing in the yard late at night, he wanted to keep chasing squirrels and anything that could be seen in the bushes, but his owner has to take care of him from the merciless cold and puts him in the living room to take heat in front of the fireplace on the sofa, something that does not please the energetic puppy that does not stop grumbling, he wants to keep running! In the middle of his hysteria he adopts a very strange position, this funny position doesn't help his owner to take things seriously, besides, the funny face of his dog that is supposed to be angry, is just another pretext to laugh even more. Very funny!

This mascot does not intend to change his position before his owner, he is determined not to turn back his discontent, his indignant look is evident while waiting for his owner to apologize for what happened and let him do what he wants. We doubt that he does, maybe his owner is so smart to think that sooner or later his puppy will need her and will end up getting closer by itself, especially when dinner time is approaching and by law he must ask for his portion so he is more upset than ever. Poor dog! his pride won't last long.

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