Driving Quietly During Rush Hour Day ' Traffic Road '

Published February 24, 2019

Rumble Driving in heavy traffic requires the correct mindset and some safe driving techniques. On the Arrive Alive website, we discuss Defensive Driving extensively. In this section, we would like to reflect on some of the aspects of special importance when driving on heavily congested roads.

When you encounter heavy traffic you need to drive with a very calm and relaxed attitude - do not get agitated with the congested traffic - keep in mind that you and your vehicle contributes to the congestion experienced by all!

It is best not to drive while tired or emotionally agitated.

Calm is the name of the game in heavy traffic - Patience or becoming a patient are the options..... Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out …

Remember that everyone is going through the same stress.

If you find rush hour stress becomes too overwhelming, try to avoid it. See if you can change your hours at work or even take a different route. Maybe driving through neighbourhoods or taking back roads will add time to your commute but if it reduces your stress, those extra few minutes are worth it in the long run.

Long distance driving during the holiday season [with your impatient children] leads to heightened levels of driving anxiety.

Driver fatigue coupled with the increased volume of vehicles on the road can create high tensions that can often lead to road rage.

These factors can increase your tension and lead to accidents.

Try to remain calm when other motorists tailgate or cut in front of you in the "idiot space".

If the stress becomes overwhelming, get off the road. Try to take another route or pull over until the traffic calms down. Nothing is worth you putting your life or the lives of others at risk.

A rest stop every 2 hours remains is the best way to calm the nerves - Have a cup of coffee, go for a walk, or just nap in your car for a few minutes.

Once you’ve calmed down the nerves, you can rejoin the holiday traffic with a more positive and safer attitude.