Cat And Baby Both Have Fun Playing With Balloons

Published February 22, 2019 2,968 Views $6.66 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsWhen it comes to entertaining babies parents manage to make them have fun with even the simplest things, in this case parents have killed two birds with one stone because they have managed to entertain both their son and their cat. Both seem to have the best fun playing simultaneously with balloons on the bed, these little ones can spend hours trying to reach the balloons. fantastic!

On an afternoon of games in the bedroom this baby plays happily with three white balloons on his leg and in both hands. The baby moves so fast that the balloons seem to be dancing on him, so fast makes them move that one of the balloons in his hand detaches and goes to where the cat is lying next to him, so the feline does not lose opportunity to join the game of balloons, taking the ribbon of the balloon and accompanying the baby in his desire to move the balloons from one side to the other, the dream of this feline has been finished and now both do not stop moving.

This adorable moment had to be captured by the parents, so much tenderness could not go unnoticed in front of the camera. This pair of friends have similar tastes and both love balloons. Which child doesn't like balloons? Although they don't look so funny and are just a latex full of air, they love them for some reason. The baby has the balloons tied up with a ribbon on their extremities so as they move the balloons move to their own rhythm and also to the rhythm of the song that sounds in the background, the favorite song of the little "Baby Shark". Hilarious!

The activities that babies can do in their first months are quite limited, as they still do not have absolute control of their body and have to rely completely on their parents to move from one side to the other, so there are both toys and forms created by the parents themselves so that they can play without moving from where they are. This stimulates the motor skills since they can try to move objects by themselves and maintain the constant movement of the object they want to reach or touch, especially if this object is colorful, which makes it attract much attention to their precocious vision.

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