'Ghost Man' Captured On CCTV Camera Saving Little Girl's Life

Published September 9, 2017 2,001,739 Plays $5,125.07 earned

Rumble / Supernatural & ParanormalThis video footage you are about to see will get you deliberate on everything you know about life. Very soon you will start to analyze if it is genuine or just a product of someone equipped with a vivid imagination and skilled video editing fingers. And, if the video chances to be the real thing, who is the man with lightning bolt speed and a big heart?

The video is taken from a CCTVcamera, and shows an incident that happened on June 18: a teenage girl tries to cross a street at 11:34pm. The street itself is quite empty with only a couple of automobiles driving down it.

The girl passes on to the street in front of the moving automobiles and appears to hesitate, and, just as we get the impression she is inevitably going to be stricken by one of them, something incredible happens! Out of thin air, someone with superhero powers, just like ‘the Flash’ appears and takes the teen to safety.

This viral video has received about a million views already on YouTube. The audience has divided itself into three groups – Fake, Bewildered, Genuine. We here have a few doubts and questions.

First, what was girl that doing out all by herself near a main street at that time of the night? Second, watch the automobile in the right hand lane (moving towards you): the moment the first automobile slows down, it speeds up… This is quite illogical.

Just take a look at the video and make your own decision. If nothing, it makes for some excellent pub ice breaker conversation.


  • eugii, 2 years ago

    demons exist))

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  • dido1993, 2 years ago

    wawe amazing

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  • cirby8001, 2 years ago

    If you notice in the background, the environment speeds up at the time the guy runs through there; lights, movement, etc. It's definitely fake.

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  • Lynnmarie, 2 years ago

    Drivers don't even look at the girl. This is two videos overlapping. One of the guy saving girl and one of the two cars stopping.

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  • BlackDeep, 2 years ago

    Can't happen. Sudden start and stop would kill her.

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  • scorpiolady70, 2 years ago

    This has to be fake

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  • Kayd, 2 years ago

    What a load of rubbish you can clearly see this video was fast forward as you can see the man running towards the road in the left hahaha!

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  • maheshseelvi, 1 year ago

    Demons really exist

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  • Bodo, 18 weeks ago

    On first car you can see girl shadow in light sec car shadow don’t exist , the girl didn’t reach light of second car.. maybe im wrong

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