Students Name Autistic Classmate Homecoming King, Go Wild When He Busts Out Dance Moves

Published February 20, 2019 150 Views

Rumble / Everyday HeroesThe video starts under the applause of the public of what could be a prom night, a party or something similar. The scene is recorded in the basketball stadium where this celebration is taking place. The loud cheering of the crowd is due to the fact that one student just won the Homecoming King title. The student is named Blake Rice. He was wearing a tuxedo with a tie for the occasion, probably one of his best suit.

He is crowned Homecoming King by his peers. He graciously accepts the title while saluting the public. The public doesn’t stop from cheering and applauding which motivated Blake. He starts showing his different dance moves and the crowd goes even crazier. He takes his crown and dances around the gym to celebrate. What an awesome moment for him! He goes around each side of the crowd, around the basketball court, to be sure that everything gets to see his dances moves and his recognition. He stopped at the center of the basketball court to illustrate his talent as a dancers. He has arm moves and leg moves and he does it with confidence and happiness. It is a true display of achievement. He goes towards the desk of that is placed on the side of the court, raises his fists into the air, still celebrating his moment.

At the end of the video, the girl he was on stage with comes to get him, takes his hand and probably congratulates him another time before taking him back to the center of the court. Other people are present on the court but it doesn’t stop them from applauding Blake. Another thing is that both student and adults are present at the event, but everybody, regardless of their age are cheering Blake up. This celebration must have been the longest because you can clearly tell that the crowd is voluntary cheering for a long time as a way of showing their support for their peer Blake. The announcer did not ask the crowd for applause and it probably is the opposite and he might have had to ask for silence.

Unfortunately the clip isn't long enough to find that out, but Blake seemed to be done dancing. He was back at the center of the court at the end of the clip, with the other people standing next to him.

The video credit is due to Ericka Williams.