Baby girl gets super emotional to Kesha's "Praying"

Published March 3, 2018 1,671 Plays $2.62 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsWe all come across that time in life when a song or movie can make us a little emotional, but we are all grown adults usually when that happens. In this video, this baby girl is listening to pop artist Kesha's "Praying" in the background and she starts to tear up and have a very sad face! So cute to watch a young baby have such emotion to the sound of a song. We know she cannot understand the lyrics of it yet so it must be the instrumental that goes to her little heart.

Her mother was listening to the song through playlists during daily activities in the house while raising her new born. At first mom just thought something was wrong with her little girl. It wasn't until about the fourth or fifth time that mom realized her baby was actually tearing up the sound of Kesha's Praying over the weeks. That's when the camera broke out on numerous occasions to get her reaction at first hand!