Litter Of Puppies Help Clean Kitchen Floor

Published February 16, 2019 1,739 Plays $3.42 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDon’t you just love chores? The mere sense of serving a purpose brings glimmer to our eyes. Do chore is too big or too small, we would have them all! Dusting, vacuuming, doing dishes...oh, who are we kidding. Chores are a bore! Who even invented chores anyway?

Sure, if we didn’t do all those things, our houses might become a pigsty, but do we really need to do all of that? If only there was something that would at least make mopping a fun activity...hmm…

How about a litter of five adorable puppies to drag along the mop? That would surely make mopping at least funny right? This family certainly thinks so and it sure sounds like it!

Now, from what we could learn, these little rascals aren’t exactly helping out around the house. As a matter of fact, they did the exact opposite when they decided that the tiles on the kitchen floor looked good enough to go potty on. Who can even think to blame them, with those wiggly little tails and stubby little legs?! They’re just. So. Cute!

But do not let them fool you with their utter adorableness, because as soon as their owner whipped out the mop, they knew business is about to go down. They were going to wipe away their best work and the pups just couldn’t let that happen. They couldn’t let their best work go to waste. Naturally, the most natural course of action was to go postal on the poor, innocent floor mop.

Still to this day we have no clue as to what makes pups tick every time they see a mop. We did try our best to search the vast world wide web for an answer, but all we could find was how to get pup off mops, but nothing about what attracts them in the first place. So we decided we don’t really care - we could just watch videos like this one all day long and giggle at the sight. It’s like they are serving a double purpose. Keeping the floors clean and prolonging our lives with laughter!

We humans may not be overly enthusiastic about house work, but doggies look like they are, because we found another video with a bit less pups, but not less adorable! These two puppies decided it was about time they showed gratitude for getting fostered with this family. So when the mop got out, they went to town with it. Or on it. Depends if you see the glass as half full or half empty.