Foster Puppies 'Help' Clean Up The House As A Thank You

4DogsandalittleladyPublished: September 12, 2017Updated: September 13, 201731,032 plays$52.96 earned
Published: September 12, 2017Updated: September 13, 2017

Mopping up can be such a boring thing to do around the house. Usually none of us is overly enthusiastic about doing this (or any house chore for that matter), but that's when two cutie pies come in the picture and make everything better. These two foster puppies are determined to make cleaning fun again, much to the delight of their new owners! Just look at them playfully squirming around the mop, pretending to help and what not.

You can clearly see that these two puppers are very happy to be a part of a loving family, and surely they would pitch in in the other house chores as well.
Come to think of it, these pups might think that the mob is some kind of extraterrestrial foe and they are trying their best to defend their foster parent from the evil that lurks in those innocent looking fluffy fibers. “You don’t fool us, fiend!” as they grab the mob with their baby teeth and drag it around. Or the mop drags them, but we’re not splitting hairs here.

While you are here, we highly recommend that you see this helpful Husky making her own bed. Her owner says that this is routine every morning, being thankful that she has a warm, fluffy bed of her very own, so naturally she takes excellent care of it :)

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