Dudes At Beach Pull Off Hilarious Inflatable Illusion

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Rumble / Funny & WeirdThe beach is a wild place in which we get to abandon the stresses of everyday life and instead focus on what makes us happy, like pretending to pump up an inflatable tube man with the help of your friends. This group seems to be having a lot of fun doing just that! In the video, a man has been buried in the sand from his knees down. His friend mimes that he’s pumping an air pump, and all the sudden the man buried in the sand seems to be inflating! Once he’s reached maximum air capacity, he does a funny dance just like those wacky, wailing, wavy, inflatable arm tube men from used car lots.

Not only is this video incredibly funny, but it’s also a great example of the types of ridiculously fun things that you and your friends can do at the beach. Looking for something else fun to do using the sand? Here’s a few ideas: One thing that’s super fun to do when you’re at the beach with your friends is to dig your own fire pit! Simply grab several friends and dig a huge hole in the sand, carving out a bench-like seating area and a space in the center to put a small fire. With a lot of friends, the digging part is pretty quick. And then you’re left with the coolest fire pit around that will leave everyone on the beach jealous.

Another fun thing to do in the sand is to throw a sand castle contest with all of your buddies. Try thinking outside of the box and going for something a little more artistic or funny rather than just a regular sand castle. You could sculpt your own ironic snowman out of sand, or make yourself a giant sand mermaid. And whoever wins the contest could get an awesome prize!

If all of this sounds like too much work to you, you could always just try these guys’ trick yourself and attempt to inflate your friend on the beach. It’s always good for a fun time! So, the next time you take a trip to the beach side, just lay back on your towel and relax. Watch the seagulls, look for seashells, enjoy the breeze. And if you’re feeling up for it, hey! You could even bury your friend in the sand. Just make sure that you dig them up again, okay?


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